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6 Steps to Your Products Coming to Life -

  1.  Meeting The Team

    1. PSII’s mission is to help you make the best product!  Darleen and the PSII team will be focused on perfecting your product and ensure your success.  They will be with you every step of the way. 

  2. Designing Your Product and Tech Pack

    1. Through our network of highly skilled professionals, we help you perfect the designs of your product.  We will also help create your production ready Tech Pack.

  3. Sourcing Your Materials & Potential Factories

    1. With your Tech Pack complete, the PSII Team will begin sourcing your product materials and vetting potential partner factories.  If we need to find new factories, we will qualify a list of new potential partners.  Once we identify the best factories, Together we will determine where to get your product made at the highest quality level, for the best price, in the agreed upon time-line.

  4. Sampling Your Product

    1. Once your materials and factory are selected – a sample of your product can be made.  You review your product sample with your PSII Team and decide if any modifications are needed before full production would begin.  

  5. Managing Your Production and Quality Control

    1. As production begins, the PSII Quality Control Team is on the scene – ensuring the products are made to the highest quality standards.  It doesn’t matter where your products is being made, the PSII Quality Control Team will be there to oversee it.

  6. Navigating Your Shipping and Logistics

    1.  When production is complete, PSII will connect you with a trusted freight forwarder to get your product delivered to you as quickly as possible so that you can get it into the hands of your customers – or we can do it all for you!

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